How To Get Website Traffic For Free – 100% Guaranteed

How To Get Website Traffic For Free

If there is no traffic on your website and if you want website traffic for free on your website without spending any time and money then you are at the right place.

There are so many websites and software on the internet these days that give you traffic to your website for free and immediately, but it is robot traffic, it has a negative effect on the ad senses of your website.

Today I am going to tell you about a website which is free as well as gives real human traffic. By Real Human Operated Traffic I mean your website will be opened by any person like you from any corner of the world.

Let me tell you about that website in more detail, what is its name and how it works to bring traffic to our website for free, so let me follow the steps given below.

You can open that website through the links given above, when the website is open, you will have a layout open in front of you like this.

Free website traffic

After this, you have to sign in with Google, which is also considered an easy and secure login method.

Sign In With Google Free Website Traffic

 After signing in with Google, you will be shown a layout like this, now after this, we have to click on the My Websites and you will also get the free coin as well.

Free website traffic website
Website Listing, Add new Website

Now the listing of the website that is visible here has already been added by someone, you can earn points by opening all these websites one after the other.

Traffic Website Listing
Now you can add your website from here
Add New Website
Add new website

Your website is all set to bring traffic as soon as the website is added.

If any person from any corner of the world will open your website, then the person who opens it will get 5 points which will be deducted from your wallet, and some points you get at the time of registration.

Now after the website is added, you just have to increase your points, and you can earn this point by clicking on someone else’s website.

You can add unlimited websites through this website and also you can get unlimited traffic.

This website also tells you at what time your website is open and how many points you have spent.

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