How to Install WordPress Locally – WordPress Installation Tutorial For Beginners

How to Install WordPress – Complete WordPress Installation Tutorial

Wondering how to install WordPress? You are at the right place! There are actually several ways to install WordPress.

WordPress is known as the most popular CMS in the world. It powers over 40% of all websites on the internet. The main reason for that is because WordPress is easy to install which makes it easy for anyone to create a website.

In this post, our goal is to offer a complete WordPress installation tutorial for beginners.

Ready? Let’s get started!

I’ll be showing you how you can install WordPress locally on your computer. Why would you want to Install WordPress locally? Normally, if want to build a WordPress site, you would need to buy a domain and hosting, and then launch your live website But if you don’t want to launch a website yet, and just want to try and test WordPress, you can do that by reading this post.

Okay! So, when you install WordPress locally all your website’s files will be stored on your computer, and this means only you will be able to access your website. Now, this is a great way for you to learn to make your website for free of cost And, once you’ve built your WordPress site locally, you can then move it to a live website I’ll guide you, how you can do it that.

let’s install WordPress locally! Okay! It is going to be totally free and we’re going to do it in just few simple steps!

STEP 1: Download XAMPP

Now, this is the software that is going to allow us to run WordPress on our computer. So to download it, click here and download it. once you have downloaded XAMPP, then you have to install it on your computer.

NOTE: If you already have xampp on your computer, then you can ignore step 1 and 2


STEP 2: Install XAMPP

To install XAMPP simply double click on the downloaded file and you will see the XAMPP setup wizard. now keep all default and click next in all the wizard steps.

XAMPP Installation Start

So check this, just simply click on the finish button this will open the XAMPP control panel now just simply click on the start button for the apache server and MySQL.

XAMPP control panel

STEP 3: Download WordPress

Now, the next step is to download WordPress. to download WordPress go to the website and download WordPress. once completed the download. you will have a WordPress zip file. copy the zip file and go to the C drive of your computer. now move to the xampp/htdocs folder and paste the zip file and simply extract it. so now you can see the “wordpress” folder on htdocs directory.

Extract WordPress zip file

You can rename its name and later you can access the local website using that name. For example, if you name that folder as mycurio then you can access it like this: http://localhost/mycurio

STEP 4: Create Database

Now you need a database. so again open the XAMPP control panel and click the admin button next to MySQL.

Open PhpMyadmin

Now you will see the PHPMyAdmin where you can create a database for your local website. now to create a database click on the Database tab and type your database name(for now keep it database name called “wordpress”) and click the Create button. Okay, now you have a database name called “wordpress”.


STEP 5: Setup WordPress

To configure WordPress and connect the database to your wordpress local site you have to open a browser and type http://localhost/wordpress/ and hit enter. So now you will see that the WordPress setup configuration is directly opened.

WordPress installation

Now click on your language then just click on continue and now wordpress is saying welcome to wordpress before the start they have given some info if you have If there is time then you can read this otherwise just click on let’s go

WordPress installation step 1

Okay, once you click on Let’s Go you will see the screen as below.

WordPress installation database connection

Now we have to connect the database with the wordpress local website, remember here we have created a database named this “wordpress”.

Database Name: wordpress
Username: root – default username
Password: keep blank in local
Database Host: localhost
Table Prefix: wp_ – keep the default.

So here name the database which is this wordpress and now here you will get a user name so that you know that the default username is root so give that root and keep the password field is empty. For the database table prefix keep it all default then just click on submit and here you will know that you ask to run the installation so just click on that run the installation.

WordPress installation

FINAL STEP: Finish installing WordPress and set up your new website!

This will let you know how to install WordPress, so the first thing you need to do here gives a title for your website. the title is basically what you see here is the title this is a “WordPress installation”.

WordPress installation Final Step

Now you have to fill the all necessary field and create your username and password for your website. so after fill the all details click on the Install WordPress button.

Pro Tips: make sure you have save your username and password to login in wordpress admin.

Okay, after a click on the “Install WordPress” button you will redirect to the wordpress login page.

WordPress Login Page

Now you can log in with the created and saved credentials which you have chosen earlier. after login into wordpress admin, you will see the wordpress dashboard. So to visit the site move cursor to the title on the top left side and right-click on “Visit Site”.

WordPress Admin Dashboard

Hey, that’s it! WordPress should now be installed on your local server, and you’re ready to begin building your new website.

Need more detailed instructions? Check out the WordPress Codex.

I trust this post has been helpful, and now you’ve got a working installation of WordPress.

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