How to make a website in just 5 minutes


How to make a website in 5 minutes

My loving greetings to all of you.

Today, keeping in mind the request of all of you, I have brought that how we can make a great digital visiting card / one-page website for our business without any coding or technical knowledge and how we can manage it as per our wish. can do

First of all, let me tell you the difference between a digital visiting card and a website.

Digital Visiting Card: A Digital visiting card is a unique web link, which is provided by the digital visiting card provider, and after entering that link in any browser, a webpage will open in front of you which we can call a digital visiting card.

In a digital visiting card, you do not need to purchase a domain or hosting, but the customization of the digital visiting cards remains limited, you can customize it as much as that provider provides you.

Website: Website ie your online shop where you can keep the goods of your shop, I know did you find it funny to hear this?

Let us put an example in front of you, hosting means that the place of your shop, just like you keep the goods in the shop, you have to keep the code of your website in the hosting space.

Just like the name of your shop, the domain name like

You can register the domain name according to your wish and business, the domain name word wide remains unique.

Let me tell you about such a website today, which is a digital visiting card provider, but in that, you can choose the link of your card according to your own and its webpage is not less than any website.

The Smart Visitors
Digital Visiting Card Provider

As soon as you open this website, you will have a menu in front of you, you have to click on the register from them.

The Smart Visitors
The Smart Visitors Home Page

On clicking the register button, a form will open in front of you, which will complete your registration completely and you will also get a free demo for 3 days, As soon as you are registered, some confidential details will show like the screen given below, which will be very useful in the future.

Congratulation Screen
Congratulation Screen

Digital Visiting Card Link: Visiting Card Link This is a link assigned to your business by the smart visitors it is a system-generated link you can change anytime after login.

Update Newly Created Card: In the registered digital visiting card, there will be some basic information in the beginning, apart from this, you will have to fill in the rest of the information after login in from this URL, you will also get the digital visiting card login details through mail.

Login Email: You can access the admin panel of your digital visiting card using the login email, and the password for this will be sent to your email address via mail.

Below are some demo links from where you can see how this digital visiting card looks and how useful it is for your business.

Dental Digital Visiting Card:

Ayurved Hospital Digital Visiting Card:

In this digital visiting card you will get 4-5 different themes that you can change according to your wish from the admin panel.

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